The Historic Start Of Rehan Food

Easy-to-cook; no muss, no fuss

Packed with resealable packaging. Open, spoon it, mix it, done!

Tastes of authentic Malaysian spices

Made with love, recipes that mothers would be proud of.

Minimize wastage & preparation time

Prepare your ingredients, put in Rehan, and you’re good to go!

Good food for the entire family

Serve nostalgic comfort food each time on the dinner table.

We supply authentic Malaysian cooking pastes and spices to busy mothers, inspiring rookie chefs, restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores.

Our story dates back to the 1900s. 500 years ago, in the Malayan Peninsula, the Malacca Empire was known for its trades of spices within the archipelago. Foreign traders migrated to Malaya to trade their goods with Malay spices. One of the most distinct trade was the Silk Road of China. Indonesian migrants started to travel to Malaya to expand their business to the international markets. That is the start of my ancestor as a spice trader in Malaya. The development of spices in the archipelago was very significant in the 14th century.

Starting from Tanah Rembau, my ancestors resided and married the locals. They began from trading on a small scale, and the business was then inherited by their children. Spices are the life of traditional Malay cuisines. It gives flavor and love.

In 1987, the spice business was inherited by his grandson, under the REHAN brand. Rehan maintains its hereditary recipes, traditional techniques, and ways of processing spices. We sourced our quality raw materials from the archipelago itself.

REHAN now produces and supplies cooking spices and cooking pastes made for traditional Malay cuisine; SOTO, CURRY, RENDANG, MULTIPURPOSE FRIED SEASONINGS, and SUP. REHAN cooking paste that is easy and quick to prepare; RENDANG, SOTO, KARI, and PERCIK paste. No need to worry about failures because Rehan will guarantee you will get delicious foods.