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Since the 7th century, spice trading was one of the biggest trade activities in the region of Malay Archipelago (Nusantara), including the popular canals of Indian Ocean, China Silk Road down to the Straits of Melaka. Good quality spices were highly sought after and the most traded commodity. A family of Betawi descendant spice trader migrated from Indonesia to the state of Negeri Sembilan in Malaya, bringing with them a rich heritage of spice trading experiences and the secret in spice mixtures, which has been passed through generations.

Here is where REHAN’s legacy begins; bringing 140 years of heritage, blends of authentic spices and ingredients in preparing genuine traditionally-made tastier meals, minus the hassle of blending the spices on your own. In 1987 the spice business was inherited by his grandaughter, under the brand REHAN. Ancient recipes and process techniques are still traditionally preserved in the use of new technologies. Obtain a good supply of raw materials from all over Nusantara. Has a HALAL certificate recognized by JAKIM Malaysia and a MeSTI certificate recognized by MOH.

Our Unique

REHAN brings together a unique blend of selective good quality spices that exudes its original traditional taste and oozes a great aroma, which makes food exceptionally tastier, original and appetizing.

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To be a world-renown cooking spice brand in the world


To preserve the taste of traditionally cooked meals by producing unique blends of authentic spice and ingredients

Cooking Spice

Rempah Masakan

Rendang Rembau




Goreng Serbaguna

Cooking Instant Paste

Pes Masakan

Pes Rendang Rembau

Rendang Rembau

Pes Soto


Pes Masak Lemak REHAN

Masak Lemak Cili Api
(Spicy Tumeric Paste)

Pes Asam Pedas Rehan

Asam Pedas
(Spicy Sour Paste)

Pes Kari Daging/ Curry

Kari Daging/Ayam
(Meat  & Chiken Curry Paste)


Sambal Hijau REHAN

Sambal Hijau
(Green Chilli Sambal)

Raw Materials


(Ketumbar Biji)

Star Anise
(Bunga Lawang)